Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Omron HBF-212 Body Composition Scale - Review

This is the first time I am reviewing a product on my blog. I did feel to do so, as I really loved the product and found it really worth the money.

The Omron HBF-212, is a weighing scale, if you think so, and that's the reason, I purchased it, But looking at the reviews on amazon.com, I did feel that, its much more than just a weighing scale and also a body composition meter.

Most of folks had rated the body composition meter to be fairly accurate. And I would like to add that, I do echo their views. I really can't say that the measurements of the fat composition in the body, is accurate, but it does give a fair estimate.

Apart from the weight and the fat composition, it also provides estimates of the Visceral Fat and Muscle composition. They both are fairly accurate.

And then the BMI (Body Mass Index) is also displayed along with the Body age. The Body age is apparently, perceived age of the body, based on the current state, and that figure can actually make you get out of the home and get doing the physical exercises.

I would highly recommend buying this, as along with a nice features, its very elegant in the looks department and value for money.

The machine can store the details of upto 4 people, and their details can be stored. So, every time you want to calculate all the stats, you just go to your profile and stand on it and you get all the details.

And then there is a Guest mode where the details are not stored.

A wonderful product, is all I can summarize :)