Friday, July 08, 2016

And then comes another situation...

Just when one thinks and over comes one of the episode, of a Cancer related case, of some one distant, another one comes closer.

We have seen cancer cases, and how they have fought. But then hearing about it and facing it and seeing someone close to you suffer are two different things.

While discussing with one of the close colleagues, about a cancer issue with his near one, he almost came to tears. Not something, one would think of him in that way. The burden of going through it, followed by other regular mundane indeed does take a toll.

That half an hour of discussion, was definitely not as easy one for me. As I needed to know about the gravity of the situation as well as the impact on the work, and it wasn't easy dealing with both together.

A moment comes, when you think, of the whole issue at the philosophical level and try and use the learning which you have got over the years , especially for the law of karma and to somewhere to try to disconnect with the pain, by going into the spiritual level. But when the person, who is next to you in the same house, none of these come and all that we can do, is live in reality.

Is there a solution to this deadly disease called cancer. Not sure. But yes, a few basic things are always there which we should probably follow at the basic level.

  • Get yourself checked up at regular intervals
  • Eat good and healthy food
  • Eat fruits and vegetables which are good in killing the cancer cells
  • Go for regular dose of exercise. They make the cells which kill the cancer cells stronger