Friday, March 06, 2015

In Safe Haven

Just when I thought that, it was one of the toughest day in office, I realized, I was wrong. Driving the car from the office premises on to the main road, was not as easy as it looked. Slowly and surely, as I braved my way through the traffic on the busy roads of Bangalore, I thought to myself, "Its Just Another Day". The music playing in the radio, didn't help me sooth my nerves, infact the 'Prank Calls' which the Radio Stations use to make someone's like miserable, made my blood boil. Why can't they help people live in peace? But then I guess, its not always the thoughts that matter, but more often it's the money that matters.

I rolled my car, into the easily maneuverable car park of my apartment, I felt a sense of safety. Yes, that's the way, I wanted my car park to be.Safe. Simple to get in and easy to move out. As I pressed '21' numbered button on the elevator, I knew what awaited me, as I would get into my home. Yes, I would call it my home and not just a house. The serenity and the calmness which I get as I enter my home, is sheer bliss. I helped myself, with a cup of green tea and stretched myself on the easy chair in the balcony. With a Kindle in my hand and the hot cup of coffee in the other, I enjoyed the fast moving traffic on the electronic city flyover. Wasn't I there on the very same road, a few minutes ago? And no, it didn't feel so great, as I am feeling at this very moment, looking at the very same road. The perspective has changed. I am now away from the 'fast lanes' of life into the Safe Haven.

As I start to gaze at the open sky right, with the crescent moon being the 'star' attraction, I begin to wonder, why does the moon , so small in size, yet looks so amazing with the countless stars, behind it, which in actual are much much bigger. Yes, the perspectives do matter. The seemingly tall coconut tree, seems quite short from the height I am seeing. The swaying the huge leaves adds a further chill in the already cold Bangalore weather. The shouting of the kids playing down in the kids play area, the splashing of the water by a novice swimmer, breaks the train of my thoughts. My focus shifts from admiring the nature to that of people around me. Those who bring in life to a life. If the serenity of nature, brings in peace, its the din and bustle, which adds fizz to the life. Both are important, in appropriate proportions. I am glad ,I took the right decision to buy a humble abode which would suit my requirement in the long run.