Sunday, February 22, 2015

Journey Or Destination

One of the common questions - What does one like, is it the destination or the journey. Yes, we all look for the destination and that's the target. But then, if you read some books or quotes, you will always hear that, its the Journey that's interesting and to focus on the journey and not the Destination

A few of the quotes, if you search for Journey's and Destinations

"Focus on the Journey, Not the Destination. Joy is found not in finishing an activity, but in doing it"

"Life Is a Journey, not a Destination"

And needless to say, over a period of time, and in "live" examples, like Driving to a nice vacation, I have personally enjoyed the drive and the views on the way, much more than the destination.
So, I have sort of believed in this philosophy of enjoying the Journey and not the destination.

But today , I have a different view point on this same philosophy.
What if one enjoys the journey so much, that he just doesn't feel like reaching the destination.
What if one loves the activity in the Journey so much, that, reaching the destination, is something, one is scared off, and just tries to move away from it, as much as possible?

I know, I am thinking a little off-beat, but somewhere this thought has occured and ever since I have been thinking of this thought process.

In today's world, I do feel that there are many, who love the journey so much that reaching the destination seems to be the most boring part, and due to this easily found knowledge, seeking the enjoying seems to be more important than reaching the target. Yes, we all know that, journey is fun, but we do need to reach the destination.

Love to hear your views on this..Looking for your comments.