Saturday, January 31, 2015

Indiblogger Meet - Jan 2015

We all go for different places or locales for entertainment. We also go to certain forums to get ideas and learn more, but when it comes to a Bloggers meet, its a different high. Its like an ocean of people, who have complete freedom to express whatever they want.. and whats more important - they are all together at one place. Just imagine the energy level of the place.  And if there is anything still amiss, thats taken care by the Indiblogger team. Wow. What an event.  Simply loved this event after a very long time.
And to be true - this was one event, in which we were talking closely about blogging rather than the , just the sponsor, and I think that should be the core of every bloggers meet.

Coming to the Sponsor of the event, ASUS, they came with a set of notebooks and PC's which were meant for home use. I liked both, with respect to the size and the usability.
The notebook was nice and sleek, and promised of a 12 hour battery life, which definitely makes it a great buy, also the weight. I found these two parameters for which I could for it, especially for my travel needs. I also liked the PC, but not the one on display. Primarily due to the size and also the RAM. Would have preferred bigger size, considering its a lifestyle product and just not another PC. And then in this age of laptops, I still love a PC, but it should have better capabilities than the laptop. The 2 GB RAM was not impressive, but they do have a one with 4GB and higher screen size, Maybe that's the one I would go for.

The number of games created,only so that we all bloggers meet each other was really thoughtful.
And then to end the same, there was a lovely dinner spread and couldn't have been a better evening spend than a bunch of bloggers, each one weird in its own unique way.

Hope to meet most of all, including the host Anoop and the Anwin in all subsequent Indiblogger meets.

But yes, sadly... we didnt get any T-shirts this time:( Even though they added more data into their databases with the size of the T-shirt :)