Friday, July 19, 2013


I would often snatch the Identity cards of my colleagues in office and pretend to throw them away and laugh out "There goes your identity" without really understanding what it really meant. I always took it as a joke and so did the others. After going through this TED talk by Mittal Patel, I realized the very value of an Identity Card.
My first Identity card was during my school days. It was not mandatory to have one. But then it was a necessity for those students who would take the bus, to avail the 50% discount, which was applicable for students. Looking back, I wonder, couldnt they see the uniforms which we were wearing. But then no, even for a simple bus ticket concession, a document called an Identity card was required. Mandatory.

This TED talk, essentially highlights the basic needs of a human being, to live with a authority, that one is indeed a citizen of the country and not just a person who lives here. And that something, somewhere draws the line between a Citizen and a tourist. This simple card gives you the authority and the privilege today to use even the basic of the services, all thanks to the terrorists for the stricter laws. In the bargain, who loses? The same simple people, who didnt need all these to prove to others that they do exist and have an identity.

As simple as it may sound, but the depth of the impact, is still not something, that I am able to fathom.

With the advent of Aadhar card, which has promised to give an Identity to the countless folks who dont have a mechanism to get a Voters ID or anything comparable, this should give them a new leash of life.

Its after listening to such talks and such selfless sacrifice of personal life, only to instill a sense of living for the otherwise under privileged, raises the question mark, as to what am I doing ? Is there something which I can do? Yes, definitely. Just need to get out of your comfort zone and do you little bit. And I promise, I will do my little bit sooner than I had planned.

Dont forget to listen to the talk at the following location