Sunday, June 23, 2013

Monsoon Magic..

Inspired by the title in the newspaper today, I thought that it was a good to have a small post on the weather I love the most. Monsoons.
Looking out of my window, the sounds of winds and the flutter that they cause, just bring out the adrenaline in me. The thought that, just take the bike with the camera on the long drive. The feel of the gushing rains, hitting you directly in your eyes, such that, you are unable to see whats ahead, is only experienced by a few.

Initial part of my life being spend in the coastal regions of Goa and Manipal, and where the luxuries which prevent us from enjoying the raw nature, had eluded us, only helping to reach a realm, which can only be experienced and cant be told. The sheer speed with which we would ride on the end-point road in Manipal, especially when it would rain incessantly, can only be remembered and not really experience them again.

The numerous pictures that I took in the monsoon, using my Nikon FM10 film camera, to risk the film as well as the camera, was very small, compared to the pictures that were captured and makes me relive those days. Do we get those days again... Sitting in the hostel blocks with the bakwas mandali ever present in the room, making plans to do something, which we haven't done.. and then zeroing down to one and going for it. That had made our lives in Manipal so eventful and the days... which we had felt like, sand slipping from your hands, the more we held it together..

A few pictures in the picturesque coorg.