Saturday, November 05, 2011

Pyramid Valley - Bangalore

This was the Second attempt to make it to the Pyramid Valley. The first attempt was a complete disaster, more so, because we had reached all the way there and it was raining like no tomorrow:). And it was just a day after my car had got a servicing done, which means my umbrella was missing from the car. We waited for a long time there in the parking lot and finally gave up and came back.

This time fully equipped, ie with two umbrella's. The weather was pleasant and quite cloudy. It was a holiday here and hence there were a lot of people who had come there, unlike the previous time, where our's was the only car in the parking lot.

This place is approx 17 kms from the NICE road junction on the Kanakapura road, and this place is just 1.5kms off the Kanakpura road. There are enough signposts on the road to lead you correctly to this place.  Over all it took me 1.5 hours to reach there from my place approx 40kms in all.

Here are some of the photographs

The Entrance to the Pyramid

Buddha Statue at the entrance

This was at the time of us leaving, when the dark clouds started again and then there was a very heavy downpour.

I am not really sure of what this is, but I guess they are the guess houses who would like to stay there for sometime.

Overall I did like this place, for the serenity and the calmness. Inside the Pyramid is a great experience and excellent place for meditation. Once we sat there for meditation, our thoughts actually were blocked. I had heard from my colleagues who had gone there earlier, that it gets quite hot inside, but it was not the case for me, which could also be attributed to the cloudy weather. Again , inside the Pyramid, there is a King's Chamber which is a structure inside, and is at a height of 34 metres. That place apparently has more energy for meditation, but due to the structure being at a height, its a lot warmer out there.

There is also a nice book shop, which has the other books also which we find in the 'Landmark's and flipcart's of the world. What I really liked is that, there was no place, for which we had to pay anything. There were no boards asking for a donation, nor any hundi boxes to indicate. Only the brochure's has a message that donation can be done and there is an tax exemption.
I can definitely say that the first impression of this place was very positive. Highly recommend for a weekend visit. 3 hours would be the travel time, and around 1.5 hours can be comfortably spent there.

Other information to this place can be found here []


Seema said...

Beautiful place and wonderful pictures.

Sujatha Sathya said...

it does look very serene
i have read & heard about pyramid valley so much but haven't been able to visit yet.
one day for sure
nice post & the pics do justice to the place