Saturday, November 05, 2011

The Newspaper looks lighter now..

Finally after a long time the newspaper have come to their regular size, or rather the number of pages. With the festival season coming in, not sure if these advertisers make the money, but the newspaper surely make a hell of a lot. I really wonder sometimes as to what do these newspaper really exist for, and more I think of it, it assures me that its just the ads. Nevertheless, its we who are paying for everything and now, more number of pages only means more number of trees cut :(

For the past few months, having an hectic life and really didn't find any relaxed moment, or rather even come close to it. Then a day comes, it just doesn't matter whats happening around you and you just want to run away from everything. Probably had reached quite close to that and now hopefully should get back to a normal routine, hoping , I didn't make this comment a bit too early.

The only relaxation these days have been reading the books before going to sleep and I must say that I have finished quite a number of books as they have been the only stress reliever all the time. And those of you, who are regular to my blog, would know that, I normally write the reviews for the books. But no, this time, no time and patience for writing, only managed to get enough energy for reading and just enough so that I can get a peaceful amount of sleep.

But, just to pen down the books I read in the recent past - atleast for my record

  1. I have a Dream - Rashmi Bansal  - Great book once again. must read for Rashmi's fan's and otherwise also
  2. Kane and Abel - Jeffrey Archer - One of the best of him 
  3. Life Is what you make it - Preeti Shenoy - Amazing book. Must read
  4. The Immortals of Meluha - Amish - Nice captivating story
  5. Don't Lose your Mind, lose your weight - Rujuta Diwekar - Great book on eating habits
Have started with 'The Secret of the Nagas', and the Steve Jobs way. I have a habit of reading several books, and each day would be reading a different book and I find it convenient that way.

Also had been to a couple of road trip's a short one to ooty and also to Pyramid valley which is approx 40 kms away from bangalore. Nice place for meditation though.

Another gadget that has made entry into my house is a wireless keyboard. Now, it came a a gift with one of the appliance that I had picked up for Diwali. Isn't it amazing that I am mentioning of the free gift rather than what I had bought. Yes, but this has a lot of value addition for me and 3 of my friends from college.
This Wireless keyboard happened to be our 8th Sem project, which didnt take it's best shape. We had all kind of problems with that and what we could manage can't be really called a prototype. 
Though a wireless keyboard is quite a handy tool, I never managed to go and buy it, as it would remind me of this episode of us, and somewhere, felt that only if we could manage it well. 
Nevertheless, this has made way into our home now. Still not started to use it though :) Manmeet, Vijey , hope you read this..