Thursday, October 06, 2011

An end of an Era - Steve Jobs Passes away

As these news are flashed across all the new channels and all the possible means in the internet, its definitely a sad day for all of us. Not that I have used an Apple product, but its just because of this company that has changed the way we live. We can't even dream today of using a computer or for that matter a cell phone without a mouse or a touchpad. The features we see in windows machines are mostly initially a part of the Mac.

I didn't know that Mac had such a huge user base , until one day when I was using Adobe photoshop on my windows system and little investigation revealed that, this amazing product was built only for Mac, and then later on had an adapted version for the windows. Hard to believe, but then that's the power of the this single man which has directly impacted our lives today.

Just can't imagine him not with us anymore. His famous speech at the Stanford University is a life changing speech. Can never get tired of hearing his awesome words.
Here is the post of the same -

Steve Jobs , the world will miss you. RIP !

Again, its quite an anti-climax, one day before then the new version of the iPhone was launched the stock price of Apple came down as people didn't find all that was expected in this version, and the very next day when Jobs passes away the stock prices climb up. I guess the sentiments do play a lot of value in the commercial market and possibly many people will buy Apple products more of an sentiment, rather than a requirement.