Thursday, September 15, 2011


It was a long pending task. Lets say for around 2 years that my music system was not working, or rather I was not using it. Finally I decided to get it fixed and enjoy music in my bedroom, especially to play the audio cassettes for which there is no other way to listen to. Finally called up Just Dial and got hold of a company which repairs Sony Music systems. The technician arrival in the time frame which was promised and he told me that my music system is a good one, or rather a older model which is not available in the current market. And If i had to buy a new one like the one which I have, I would need to buy like the ones of Bose or Sonodyne and would cost me no less than 65k-75k. I was pleased to hear that, though at the back of my mind I did feel that he was making me shell out a higher amount and at the same time not make me feel bad :) Nevertheless, I like this music system compared to the new one Sony player which I have bought for my parents in Goa. Somehow the sound quality of this older one seems better. Though mine doesnt support DVD player, who really cares, as long as I can play music on the CD's and also enjoy Radio.

Finally after 3 weeks I got my music system repaired but the same day my TV warranted a repair due to a power surge. Called another Just dial and asked for a technician. He came a little late than what he had promised for. I asked him the cost of the repair, as I had learnt from the mistakes I did while getting the music system repaired. He gave me a ballpark figure of 2k which i felt was a little more as If I had sell this old tv of mine wouldnt really fetch me even 1.5k. He then gave a alternate option, ie he would repair it on his own and not really through his company and get it back all repaired by the next day and also the cost would be 1300 only. Silently giving my apologies to Anna Hazare I agreed for this arrangement. He did come with the fixed electronic next day, though delayed by a couple of hours, but defnitely fixed. That 1300 saved me another 25k, else would have ended up buying a new LCD. Thanks for whatever happened...Currently as I write this article, I am happily enjoying the radio on 104 fever, which I listening to with old nostalgic songs...