Saturday, September 10, 2011

Overdrive - Auto Mag

Seeing the short preview on the Overdrive tv show of the making of this month's Overdrive Mag, I thought that I should buy it. And as they say, if you want something you normally do get it :) At a signal , there was this guy selling these magazines, and though it was the 'Better Photography' magazine that attracted me towards, I remembered the Overdrive, and picked it up.This collectors issue was double the regular size,  and it also costed double the amount.
Later in the day, rather at night when I opened it, I felt it was really worth it. Though most of the pages are ads itself, the articles are really good. I loved the test drive of the hatchback's from Udaipur in Rajasthan to udiapur in tripura. Its simply awesome and love to do it sometime soon.
There are couple of posters which are well done and can be really used to decorate your cubicle. I plan to take mine to office, though there is a high probability it would be stolen pretty quickly ...

I think its a definite read for Auto lovers.