Sunday, September 25, 2011

Mausam - Bad Weather

Movie Review - Mausam
One line feedback - Avoid

If you still would want to watch this movie, then this should be one of the reasons-
  1. You  like to watch good photography.
  2. You like to participate in KBC and want to know  chronologically, the events which have happened over the past decade for the fastest finger first(Operation Blue star, Babri Masjid, Kargil War, 9/11,Gujrat Riots).
  3. You want to believe that bad luck does exist and one family can effected with all the major bad events which have occurred the whole decade across the world.(As mentioned above)
  4. You have a special interest in locks  which are built across the worlds. 
  5. You like to know and/or get nostalgic about the old telephone system and see they would get dialled and the listen to the good old ring tones.
  6. You want to see how to get a kick from riding a bicycle, and a good inspiration to start cycling again. Environment friendly reason off course.
Probably Pankaj Kapur wanted to create a serial of all the major events (man made disasters) and ended up putting everything into a movie and wanted to be displayed on a big screen. 

Some other analysis which we managed to do during the course of watching this fast paced movie.

  • When Shahid went to throw a bomb on Tiger hill during the Kargil war, did he keep in mind that Hrithik was also on the same assignment but poor fellow was climbing all the way up. Didn't he think what would have happened to him ? There seems to be lack of logistics,and bad communication.
  • Shahid , (at the end of the movie) standing at the door or a train bogey, aka suicide scene in Jab We Met, he was holding the support with his one hand (while the other one is paralysed), and his ex-flame offers him tea. Was it a trick that she was playing as he could have lost balance and neither was kareena present there to save him...
Now if you can understand , what this movie can do to a sane person like me, you can decide pretty well where to spend your money for entertainment.