Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Book Review : License to Live

Licence to Live
Author : Priya Kumar
Cost : 250 INR

This is the 2nd book that I am reading of this Author, Priya Kumar. It was only after reading her first book, that without a single thought I picked up the 2nd one.
Licence to Live is a very fast paced book or rather a fast page turner. You just cant keep the book down and my request is that, if you have an important appointment, please stay away from the book. Its very hard to keep it down

As of the book, its about the Author herself, who, after getting the name and fame of what she has got, has reached a threshold in her like that all this doesn't seem to make her life miserable and thats when she comes across a person Kurt, who is known for his amazing workshops.

The workshop here is no ordinary one, as the cost itself is 25000 USD and nothing more than the cost is mentioned:) Well the first agenda on the workshop is that they need to travel to a different country with no money or anything else. When the plane reached Genting Highlands, they are asked to jump from the plane :)

Now does this make the book interesting ? Through the various tests in the workshop given, the author finds whats the deeper meaning of present, the past and the future.  Though there are certain parts of the book, which I am not sure whether it really true of just an imaginary work, but the meaning behind them is very enlighting. It opens your mind just tells you one final message, Take Life as it comes and face it from the front.  Thats only my interpretation...