Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Relaxed day

Its good to fall ill sometimes. Especially when it comes all of a sudden and the illness is not to severe. I had a discomfort in my stomach, not sure why, so decided to stay back home. Its was a good break and quite a required one. Just was at home the whole day. In the evening when I logged into check my emails, realised that Priya Kumar, the author of License to Live , has written a comment on my book review. It just feels good, I guess both for the author that her work is been appreciated and also for me, after all a now celebrity is directly communicating with me. Just was wondering of this electronic media and the amazing things that it does, however simple they may sound.

In the evening, I thought of pulling my camera out and did some photography. Also realised that two of my lenses are full of fungus :(. I guess its high time that I take care of my camera and the lenses. The way I would take care of them 10 years back was totally at a different level. With time, the attachment to photography and the accessories that I have reduced drastically. Am looking for a new way to get started all over. Publishing in stock photography could be one way I guess.

Still on my agenda is to write the review of the book on Mahabhartha by Devdutt Patnaik. Hope fully will get it done by this weekend, time permitting.

Thats all for the lazy day today I guess. Hoping a nice sleep and a good day at work tomorrow ..