Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Relaxed day

Its good to fall ill sometimes. Especially when it comes all of a sudden and the illness is not to severe. I had a discomfort in my stomach, not sure why, so decided to stay back home. Its was a good break and quite a required one. Just was at home the whole day. In the evening when I logged into check my emails, realised that Priya Kumar, the author of License to Live , has written a comment on my book review. It just feels good, I guess both for the author that her work is been appreciated and also for me, after all a now celebrity is directly communicating with me. Just was wondering of this electronic media and the amazing things that it does, however simple they may sound.

In the evening, I thought of pulling my camera out and did some photography. Also realised that two of my lenses are full of fungus :(. I guess its high time that I take care of my camera and the lenses. The way I would take care of them 10 years back was totally at a different level. With time, the attachment to photography and the accessories that I have reduced drastically. Am looking for a new way to get started all over. Publishing in stock photography could be one way I guess.

Still on my agenda is to write the review of the book on Mahabhartha by Devdutt Patnaik. Hope fully will get it done by this weekend, time permitting.

Thats all for the lazy day today I guess. Hoping a nice sleep and a good day at work tomorrow ..

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Book Review : License to Live

Licence to Live
Author : Priya Kumar
Cost : 250 INR

This is the 2nd book that I am reading of this Author, Priya Kumar. It was only after reading her first book, that without a single thought I picked up the 2nd one.
Licence to Live is a very fast paced book or rather a fast page turner. You just cant keep the book down and my request is that, if you have an important appointment, please stay away from the book. Its very hard to keep it down

As of the book, its about the Author herself, who, after getting the name and fame of what she has got, has reached a threshold in her like that all this doesn't seem to make her life miserable and thats when she comes across a person Kurt, who is known for his amazing workshops.

The workshop here is no ordinary one, as the cost itself is 25000 USD and nothing more than the cost is mentioned:) Well the first agenda on the workshop is that they need to travel to a different country with no money or anything else. When the plane reached Genting Highlands, they are asked to jump from the plane :)

Now does this make the book interesting ? Through the various tests in the workshop given, the author finds whats the deeper meaning of present, the past and the future.  Though there are certain parts of the book, which I am not sure whether it really true of just an imaginary work, but the meaning behind them is very enlighting. It opens your mind just tells you one final message, Take Life as it comes and face it from the front.  Thats only my interpretation...

Friday, November 19, 2010

Karmic Accounts

Just another week passed by. Probably a little different than the others. Sometimes, you tend to ask why are you doing what you are doing. Some questions remain unanswered.
There are moments of joy which come in and some which cannot be bought with money, but at the same time cannot be sustained without it. And then you tend to question life all over again. Only with time you get the answers, as in you can only connect the dots looking behind and not other way round. Taking life as it comes helps one to reduce your worries. It also teaches you to do those things which you never wanted to do. Is it just a settlement of Karmic accounts ? The more I think about it, thats the only answer which kind of answers all the questions. The trouble is to digest it. Is that also a karmic account that needs to be settled.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

My Favourite Ads currently

Till date Cadbury's were having the best Ads in town and probably winning award's for the best ads. But there seems to be a lot of competition now. Infact there are many different type of segments of Ads.

I like the way Amir Khan endorses the products. He actually puts in his credibility into the product. This can be clearly seen in the new Mahindra Bikes, and the Titan Ads. His Tata Sky ads are innovative.

Cadburry's are having a new theme of ads , featuring New Beginnings. Simply love that series of Ads.

Idea Mobile service has a different scheme of Ads, deploying the idea of an idea. I would say, those ads are beautifully done with nice punch lines by Abhishek B.

And just to keep you in a nostalgic mood, here is an old favourite of mine :)

Tuesday, November 09, 2010


Wow!!! What an episode of KBC today ! This person Prashant , made it to 1 crore with full confidence. And then at the 5 crore question he fumbled. There is a thin line line between confidence and overconfidence.. and more importantly, the difference between between overconfidence and stupidity is not much...

Thats all. Had he won 5 crores today,the game would have lost. Its not a game to be played on guess work. Thats when he had lost.....Not sure what it was, greed or simply overconfidence. But deep in heart I felt sad for him. The worst part for him would be to forget this episode all his life.

Saturday, November 06, 2010

Happy Diwali

Wishing you all a very happy Diwali and a prosperous new year ahead.
Spending Diwali with your folks at home always has a special impact. The very feeling of decorating your house with lights brings in that special happiness inside you. Just to put those bulbs and making sure all of them are working file. Putting up the Akashdeva is another feel good factor.

The previous day to Diwali, we have the Narkasura  effigies that are being built and then burnt as a mark of destroying the evil. There is also a competition for the best made Narkasura. Earlier this competition would take place through the night and in the early hours of diwali they would be burnt. With the changing times and other issues regards to security, this event now gets done by 11 pm itself.

On the day of Diwali, one is supposed to apply oil on their bodies and then have a bath. These small traditions  have different hidden scientific meanings to it. In the villages, one of days of Diwali is meant for Refilling the water , which basically means cleaning up all the storage and filling in new water from the well. Apparently, since Diwali comes just after the rains, this event is most likely done to clean up the house post rains and re-filling again all afresh. Also on the Lakshmi puja day all the business owners have a special puja for the godess of wealth. On the same day, in the villages, the farmers do a puja of the cows and bulls who are their source of tilling the fields. I still remember, on this day, cows and bulls get a new rope  which is used to tie them to the pole in the cowshed.

In different parts of the country there are different customs which are followed , primarily due to a scientific reason attached behind this. Would love if you could also share of the customs that are followed in your area.
Happy Deepavali once again.