Wednesday, November 10, 2010

My Favourite Ads currently

Till date Cadbury's were having the best Ads in town and probably winning award's for the best ads. But there seems to be a lot of competition now. Infact there are many different type of segments of Ads.

I like the way Amir Khan endorses the products. He actually puts in his credibility into the product. This can be clearly seen in the new Mahindra Bikes, and the Titan Ads. His Tata Sky ads are innovative.

Cadburry's are having a new theme of ads , featuring New Beginnings. Simply love that series of Ads.

Idea Mobile service has a different scheme of Ads, deploying the idea of an idea. I would say, those ads are beautifully done with nice punch lines by Abhishek B.

And just to keep you in a nostalgic mood, here is an old favourite of mine :)