Monday, June 14, 2010


Highway on my plate, the famous show on NDTV Good Times, today features Bangalore.  Nothing better than seeing your own place on TV. Now what really caught me off guard was that, these guys , went to an restaurant on St Marks' Road, called  Egg Factory  and all that they serve is Egg Dishes.

Now, in the menu,Mayur pointed out to one dish named Keshto  and asked the person out there whats it all about. Now only a person my Manipal would really know what it is, and the owner of the restaurant, just said that. He described it as a dish from  Manipal from the Student Community.

How nostalgic...


Swathi & Nagesh - Welcome to our blog said...

Wow! Keshto brings back such good memories. Do you have the link to the video?

Kitchen Accidental said...

And please do visit The Egg factory