Monday, June 21, 2010

Bye bye KA03 ML5678

Finally the day arrived when I had to finally say good bye to a companion who was with me for all my journey's literally for the last 5 years. I had to drop off my car yesterday. Then came the better part. I had come back home using the public transport which I hadnt done for a very long time. Before that I decided to walk a bit. Walking down St Mark Road, was quite nostalgic. I realised that I hadnt come onto that road for ages, and even if I had, I was busy handling the traffic, rather than seeing anything new on that road. I still remember the days, when the only Mainland China was in the basement of one of the buildings out there. I also got to see the Egg Factory  which I had made a mention in my previous post. Definitely I realised I hadnt walked on these roads of Bangalore for a very long time. Reaching the St Marks Road and Residency Road Jn, I saw the new buildings come up at the Cash Pharmacy.
Plan to do my next photo walk on this road. It would definitely be interesting....