Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Team Work

I am watching Mega Builders on Discovery. Here am seeing an episode, where a huge power plant is being setup in Algeria. A place which I had read about only in my school geography books. But here they are doing a great job. A detailed version appears that, the project has every possible problem they could possibly have with just 3 days to finish the job, else to face a massive penalty. Sounds quite a familiar story to us. And thats someone thing one faces everyday during our day to day job's. But what was thrilling to learn from this is a very familiar term everyone has heard stories about. TEAMWORK. Thats what they do and manage to pull things together. At every moment they have a plan B and thats  a major key to success. The team lead is always cool as a cucumber taking things one at a time and makes sure that the team doesnt lose their patience. As finally they are the ones, who will finally be able to either do the task or else get frustrated and give up.  Wish every project can have the expertise this team had. They have, hence they are on Discovery today. Its only winners who make it to the history books and not losers.