Sunday, May 30, 2010

500th Post

Hadn't realised that it would take 5 years to get to my 500th post. Nevertheless its a sweet feeling, more so, because I haven't stopped blogging and though the frequency has come down a lot, hasn't really stopped...

Thanks everyone, who has been reading by blogs all this while and your continued support. Learnt a lot of things in this short period about blogging, the seriousness one should have about it, the legalities about it .. so on and so forth.
Again many times, I wanted to move to wordpress, for the sheer professionalism of it, but someone, google somehow kept me with it. Just hoping that soon, blogspot, will be on par with wordpress, if not better.

Again thanks for all your support..


Swathi & Nagesh - Welcome to our blog said...

Congrats! Very few friends I know have kept up with blogging.
Keep the posts coming.