Monday, October 12, 2009

Book Review : The Professional

The Professional
Book : The Professional
Author : Subroto Bagchi
Cost : 399/-

After reading "High Performance Entrepreneur" and "Go Kiss the World" , it wasnt a tough decision on whether to invest in this or not. Infact, If I hadnt, it would be a loss. With time, its not really about the book, but with the Author, with which a good will is built, and thats primarily due to "Professionalism". This is something which is emphasised in the book, and this professionalism is should be within you.
The difference, is, when a senior comes infront of you, whether you get up due to the respect or due to the power he/she carries. If its power, it will fade away with his/her power or position.

A wonderfully written book, which gives emphasis on various sections of your life, and how one needs to be good in all these respects.
There are some areas where we are thinking we are doing it right, but might actually not be professional. These are the subtle things that are listed in the book, added with appropriate examples to suit the context.
There are couple of instances in the book, whether the Author has bad experiences with the doctor, and a very professional experience with a nurse, who treated his mom. Now, whats important to learn is that, even after so many years, he re-collects both the incidences and writes it into a book, which would be read by hundred's of people, like me. Imagine that, this particular doctor also reads it, can you imagine the uneasyness that he would be going through. Though there is no mention of the name of the doctor nor the hospital. But that doctor will feel that trauma. One never knows , how and what will come into the day of light, which one has done , slightly unprofessionally , as the medium of reporting is becoming easier day by day.
Whats the solution for this issue ?
Be a professional. The probability of such issues coming up becomes less.

Then one take away, I had from the many..This revolves around the meetings which we have in office. Invariably, they are held so that a so called unanimous decsion can be taken. But in practice, not everyone really participates. Even if there are potential issues, its not necessary that it is conveyed. The meetings are a very formal mechanism of protecting a bigger decision, so incase something unpleasant happens, its not a sole person who is held responsible. Not really to find the real problems and sort them out. ( Though I have seen some brilliant managers who actually sort out the problems , rather than just get a consensus).
Various mechanisms are provided in the book, to handle such issues and various examples.

In short, I would say that its a must read for all. For those who are in the IT industry, there are no reasons not to read. More so, because, the author is from IT Industry and so am I. Its a small and great investment.
One wouldnt be able to absorb all the details in the book in one read. As one grows up the ladder, one will learn more and appreciate more what the author is trying to say.