Sunday, October 11, 2009

Book Review : 2 states (The story of my marriage)

Book : 2 states (The story of my marriage)
Author : Chetan Bhagat
Price : 95/-

Its not everyday of your life that one gets the read a new Chetan Bhagat book. ( Do I sound like him now :)). I am sure, most of you who are reading this review, are already fans of Chetan Bhagat. Compared to the last two books, I liked this book more, but then nothing to beat "Five Point Someone". I am not sure why I liked this more, it could also be since again, it takes you to college life and then the real life, as against movie type stories in his last two books.
As like any CB book, one can comfortably complete this book in one day, though it might cost you a couple of hours of your sleep time, but its very well worth it. The book starts off as a flash back, like his last book, and then moves into the present. The storyline starts off with his life in IIMA, and then moves into his personal and professional life in Chennai. Very beautifully captured the details on Chennai and the mannerisms of South Indians, and then going north the lifestyle and mindsets of punjabis. It couldn't have got better. The book enhances the basic traits in these two communities and what are the ways one can get comfortable with them. To get the indepth details and what each of the community looks forward, can easily be found in this book, and will be remembered for life, since the presentation is very humorous and it will be etched in your mind.
The story also takes you to Goa, and since I am on vacation at home it felt all the more better.
Citibank , is an important character in this Novel, and I couldn't agree more on how Citibank really does business.
The story again has a spiritual angle and its beautiful. I cant wait to go to Pondicherry and visit the ashram once.
All in all, a great book. Its much much better than the last two books, but then FPS remains the best. This story could be a good sequel to 3 Idiots. Must read for all CB fans.


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