Saturday, November 22, 2008

New Updates from Google

In the past one week, I saw two new updates from Google.

[1] Gmail now comes with themes. I have chosen the Beach  to give a touch of Goa to it and also makes it lively. Its a very welcome move and after orkut, it wasn't a big surprise that they would come with themes for gmail also.

To select a new theme , you need to go to the settings -> themes  and you can chose the one you like. 

[2] The new stuff from google is something what they have been known for, ie search engine. But the welcome move is that you can do the same from your mobile. 
All that you need to do is to send an SMS to the number 9-77-33-00000 with the query and you will get the search result in your mobile. 
Now isnt that convenient.  Now for the better news , it doesn't cost you a bomb like 3/- or 6/- per sms . All that it costs your local sms cost as per your package. Now isn't that cheap too.

I think its a very welcome move from google search.
For more details on the same you can check the following link