Friday, November 28, 2008

Blasts In Mumbai

Factually speaking, am on a holiday in Goa. But the past two days and still continuing attacks on Mumbai has made me lose my peace. I don't think I would have any disagreements on this fact.

The manner in which these terror attacks have been master minded gives me goosebumps. As I pen down this, the NSG , Army IAF and the police are working to get the things in control.

I am not saddened by the fact that these attacks have happened, but more on the point that still after so many terror attacks, we don't have the Intelligence in place. In a country like our's we just can't afford to check everyone's bags.

The News Channels seems to be having a gala time having a all time high TRP's , adding to the fact that there are no new soap's or TV programs that are being telecast , all thanks to the strikes. I do admire them for the time and pateince they have been telecasting everything to us, and most of the time LIVE, which I thought was a threat to the operations. I don't think any TV channel worth its salt should ever telecast where the commandos are placed and how they are entering, whether its through helicopters or whatever. I just can't understand that they still don't have that basic common sense or probably the only thing thats on their minds is are we better than the other channel and is my TRP better off' Thats the sad but true state of our Media , which doesn't differ much from the politicians of the country

Even in the heat of this issue, every politician has made his/her best effort to put the blame on others and the motto is clearly seen. The oncoming elections. Is this all that the politicians can think of. Why the hell are they landing in mumbai when they know very well that their presence only means the need of additonal security for them , when the need of the hour is the security of the civilians and the people trapped inside. I guess the only time they will get something in their head is when their near and dear one is trapped.

To end this blog, I found something interesting on Amitabh Bachchan's blog. Here's a snippet of the same
"I am ashamed to say this and not afraid to share this now with the rest of the cyber world, that last night, as the events of the terror attack unfolded in front of me I did something for the first time and one that I had hoped never ever to be in a situation to do.

Before retiring for the night, I pulled out my licensed .32 revolver, loaded it and put it under my pillow. For a very disturbed sleep."