Saturday, November 08, 2008

My Favourite TV Ads

Some of my favourite Ads on TV. Agree that the creative minds are definitely working harder. I am pretty much sure that with slowdown, the Ads budget would have been all time low and would want the maximum mileage out of it. Nevertheless here are some of my current favourites

Tata Sky Plus Ad
The one featuring the perfectionist again, doing all the house hold work just to watch the cricket match. Its simply awesome. Even the teaser campaign that they had was good. Its a new trend now to publish the teasers.

The ICICI Prudential Insurance Ad
The same family doing the wonders again. While the same kid showing some priceless expressions and dialogues. The mom not having any dialogue does her bit with the smile. This series of Ads also have been awesome and always stops you from doing something else apart from watching the AD.

The Nerolac Ad
A small story of how a house painted with Nerolac changes everything. It brings out the subtle issues in the life of an Indian, and thats what touches the audience the most. The background voice over which is similar to that of Gulzar adds more to it.

Will add more to this list.
Post your favourite ones in the comments.