Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Book Review : The Alchemist

This book would probably wouldn't need much of introduction. This is easily one of the best books ever read by me, and this wouldn't be a subject of debate by many.

This book revolves around following your dreams. There are many book which are on this fact of following your dreams, this one is much more philosophical and much easier to understand.
Now, going by the fact that its a philosophical, doesn't mean that its a boring book. It has a good story line and its about a shepherd, and his journey towards his dreams.
On his journey, he meets many people, good and bad, but at no point doesn't let any of their actions or opinions change his outlook towards his dream. Finally he meets an alchemist, and he teaches him the best knowledge anyone can get. This would be the take away from this book.
In his journey , he also meets up with a merchant, who sells crystals and not quite enterprising and lost the zeal in his life. When this boy asks him as to why is he not very keen on fulfilling his dreams, his reply is simply that, once one achieves one's dream, then what would be the purpose of living and what would one look forward ahead in life. These words do make sense to quite an extent, but at the same time, not necessarily to be followed. The boy did agree with him , but didn't chose to follow that advise.

I would say, its a must read.
This book has already been translated in 67 languages across the world and soon to be a movie.


Swathi & Nagesh - Welcome to our blog said...

Yes, indeed a great read. Its one of my all time favorite books. My friend Nivi had gifted it to me when i joined MIT and i have treasured the book since then.
Do keep posting your book reviews.