Thursday, November 13, 2008

Ads: Bharti

The new Ad by Bharti is impressive. After Cadbury's which has been winning the best Ads for several years, I guess its been replaced by Airtel. But the new ad, which is not really an Airtel Ad, but a branding for Bharti group as a whole.

Its beautifully used Indian which mean Bharti.

The Ad goes as follows. Hope to get a you tube video soon. Will put up on this. Till then this is what the Ad says

"1500 years ago, An Indian taught the world how to count"

"An Indian was the father of Surgery"

"90% of computers in the world use a chip manufactured by an India"
Vinod Dham

"An Indian was the first to develop Wireless technology"
Jagadish Bose

"An Indian was the first who thought and proved that a war can be fought with Peace"
Mahatma Gandhi

If one Indian can have such big Ideas, what can a Billion Indian's do"

Well the words might have been a little different, since its picked up from my memory, but the message remains the same.

I just hope that Reliance doesn't think of an Innovative way to flick this Ad. After all that's where their expertise lie.