Monday, May 05, 2008

Mr Bush's comments

On the Sunday morning , [ which is the only day I get up early ] the headlines had wonderful comments by our erstwhile President of USA , Mr George Bush, regarding the rising prices of food grains. And what did his small brain tell him ... That since India and China are having the highest consumption of food grains, hence the shortage and the consequent increase in the prices.

On the lighter note on the same newspaper , there was an article which was on exercising our voting rights, said that, and I quote " The good people who dont vote are the ones who make sure that that bad people reach Washington" Well I think that Bush should get his answers there itself.

Anyways, I guess some details need to be told to Mr Bush.
Figures from US dept of Agriculture(USDA) show that every 16 pounds of grain fed to cattle produces only one pound of meat. Information compiled by USDA also show that over 90 percent of all the grain produced in America goes to feed livestock- cows,pigs, sheep,and chicken- that winds up on the dinner tables.

Rich nations not only use their own grain to feed livestock, they also use protein rich plant foods from poor nations to feed these livestock. According to Dr Georg, Borgstrom , an expert on food, one-third of Africa's groundnut crop goes to feed cattle and poultry in Western Europe.

In Poor countries, a person consumes an average of four hundred pounds of grain a year, most of it eaten directly. In contrast , the average Europeon and American consumes 2000 pounds a year, by first feeding almost 90 percent of it to animals.

According to estimates , bringing down meat production by just 10 % would release enough grain to feed 60 million people.

Mr Bush, does that ring a bell ??


Unknown said...

No bells can ring loud enough for him to realize!!!
There are just too many things towards which he is blind, deaf and dumb!