Wednesday, April 23, 2008

South India trip

Last weekend ie on 10th April I went for an unusual back pack trip.. I started off my journey from Bangalore to kerala ie Calicut. After spending 3 days in the hot scorching heat in kerala, I left from there to mangalore to meet my dear friend KPK on my way to Goa. Luckily for him , it was Vissu that day and an off for his people. So we decided to chill out in Mangalore.... It started off with a nice lunch at Gold Finch and then we headed to the bharat Mall to watch a movie. I must add that it a must avoid movie.. I am talking about Krazzy4 here.. We had quite some time to kill before the movie started. So we went all over the mall, including Big bazaar and checked out few unusual things .. let me explain.. One was a basket ball. another was the rod for the weights [ no weights though :)] and then some plastic snorkling equipment. For buying all these we ended up getting One kg of Sugar FREE ... Not that any of us wanted to go into the Food Bazaar.. but then we were getting something for free and we had lots of time to kill.. it wasnt a bad bargain... then we headed for the movie. which was a torture for 3 hours apart from the time when Diya Mirza came on screen . After the movie ended we left for a small shop which gave us excellent tea.. and then followed up with some nice dinner. I must say, I enjoyed every bit..
The next morning I headed for Goa and reached home by noon.. In just a minute after I reached, the post man came with my passport.. it was perfect timing, i must say.

In Goa the only important thing that I did was attending Anups wedding and then left for Pune.
There was a training camp in pune , and hence I was there. I must say that it was one of the best trainings I ever attended. Everyone including Micheal Ferreira was impressed and everyone had tears in eyes by the end of the program. If there is one thing that has changed, I can blame it on this :)
After the training ended I met up with my school friend Ajit. I had a nice time with him and went over to his apartment.. Its a lovely place that he stays in called Magarpetta. Lovely township with lots of apartments and surrounded by companies and our pal just walks down to office.. its a dream come true scenario for me.. not now any more though:)

This was my short 10 day trip .. which was both ,, business as well as pleasure. But I must say, I will be doing more of these and enjoy every bit of these time and again..
Some people have money but no time to spend, and some have all the time but no money.. I think I am one of the few lucky ones who have both.. Its all about choices in life and u get to chose what you want..
and you get what you want if u want it badly ...