Saturday, August 04, 2007

Page 3 !

On this friday night ,as I was surfing the channels I came across this movie ,Page 3. Had seen this movie long time ago. I must agree that this is one of the best movies and real connectivity to reel and real life. This is story of a journalist who writes Page 3 articles. And looking at the whole life of everyone it just seems so artificial. Every article written in newspaper is all planned. Its not really news.. Its more of what you want and whats the price you are ready to pay. And every thing is like a pre planned drama..

Relations are not really relations. They are just stepping stones to your temporary happiness or success. The song which is played through out the movie is simply awesome..
"Kitne ajeeb rishte hain yahan pe.. do pal milte hain, saath saath chalte hain.. jab mod aaye to bach ke nikal te hain" and this is so true in everyone's life.

Only when someone needs others they remember.. else make use of them and move on. In the movie even the ACP is not bothered of the bomb blast thats happened in the city that day and he is busy enjoying in the party...

The news, the stories in the media today, is controlled by a set of few people. They are the people who control everything. Its a simple gamble. They are the movers and shakers of the world. They have the money. If they do illegaal things, they get hold of the political and the big officers. The news papers will not publish such articles as that will impact their ad money flow..

In short, its the rich and the famous who rule everything.. Its the 0.1 % of the people who control the remaining 99.9% of the remaining ..Isnt that news for you now..

They make the rules, they are the ones who have the big lobbies due to which the govt decides its policies and the financials of the country or a region..
If USA invades Iraq, its not that Bush wants it.. its the companies that back him want it and he has no other choice.. its as simple as that..

Media in all respects has always been the strength ... but not anymore.. its right now sold out in the hands of a few rich people. IIPM issue was the same again.. No paper went against it .. why ???
They would lose the full page ads they would eventually get..

I have seen and met people in this media industry. You take them to a 5 star restaurant , give a wonderful dinner/lunch and hand over the article you want to be printed.. well thats how it works..
If you are a politician, you call for a press meeting, pay the reporters to ask the whatever questions you want them to ask and answer them accordingly..

Looking at these people , the people in the media, get so used to this that they do the same in their personal life also. Using people rather than builing relationships. Short term benefits out number the long term bondings.. Using others as doormats to their path of so called success.. How long will that work .. all these only have an expiry date...

At the end of this , where are we leading to ??


Aparna S Mallya said...

that movie sure was a good one. it showed the true colours of the rich n the famous. and like u pointed out in yr post, the world is ruled by a few who don't give the world it's due.

Swathi & Nagesh - Welcome to our blog said...

Well - what you have written is true, and one cant disagree- but can only hope to see positive changes. There are people like Abdul Kalaam, Prathiba Patil who have gone into power and yet held their values.
The fact that you say rich and famous control and rule; that is changing slowly. Our nation is young, it is has been only 60 years since independence. It is a comlex system. Things will change, and technology will be the biggest contributor. Today, people read more blogs than before; they go by the people's opinion than media. And it is a matter of time.
Lots of food for thought....more later