Friday, June 29, 2007

Vote for TAJ ?

Offlate, am getting many emails and sms for voting for Taj Mahal so that it gets listed in the 7 Wonders of the world, which will be declared on 07/07/07 in Lisbon.
Well the thought is good and being patriotic everyone feels that we all ie Indians should vote for the Taj...

No doubts its one of the most beautiful monuments in the world, supposedly an embodiment of love towards his wife Mumtaz.
But I am still not able to convince myself to vote for a monument, which took 20 years to built and at the end of it, it very LOVINGLY chopped off the hands of all the artisans who built it, so that no such monument be built again.

On the other hand , we can see the Great Wall of China. This again took 20 years to be built to safeguard a nation against its enemies. This Wall was built by the all the people in the region on a time sharing basis, irrespective of whether they were paid or not. All that they had was love for their King and their neighbours. Now wouldnt this be a better symbol or Love and Peace ?

Whats ur take on this ???

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

News or Politics?

With the ever increasing number of news channels , there is a dearth of news and every thing becomes a news which wouldnt have been even entitled a middle page in the earlier days ..

Today I saw one news channel beaming news of the upcoming President of India, Pratibha Patil.
I guess this channel or who ever wanted it to be, wanted some spicy news against this candidate.
They found a very old video in which she had visited the Brahmakumaris Headquaters in Mt Abu and she spoke of her experiences out there when she was the Governor of Rajasthan. Its quite remarkable that not a sound was raised when this event actually occured and only now, when she is contesting for the election all the so called stale news has got freshened.

The news channel also has some weird news
here is what they quote in the first few lines of the report

"It's said that superstition ends where science begins. But Rashtrapati Bhawan seems to be bracing for a reversal. For five years, scientist APJ Abdul Kalam whispered a vocabulary of science in the hearts and minds of a nation. "

Little did the reporter of this article know that the current President has very great respect for this Organisation. The official website of The President of India has articles on his visit to the headquaters and how science and sprituality has to go hand in hand for the betterment of people and society as a whole .

If one just searches for words "Kalam Brahmakumaris" one can find a bunch of links which shows one of finest Scientist of India and also the President of India has tremendous faith in this organisation.

The dearth of quality news and TRP ratings has really made our current news reporters portray anything , even with regard to our current president ..

Is this the reason that our freedom fighters gave us freedom and enjoy freedom..? Is this really what Bhagat Singh and Gandhiji gave their lives so that we could enjoy a free nation ..
Do we really deserve what these great leaders gave us for FREE ?

Monday, June 25, 2007

Todays fortune:)

My today's fortune on orkut...

"The great pleasure in life is doing what people say you cannot do"

Isnt this very much true.. we all love to do and prove to others that we too can do things which most of us thought that one cant do..
As long as one has the commitment and the vision to see the future and follow the dreams nothing is impossible.
The path to success is always tough , and is also has very tempting parking spots. Its up to you when you want to use those parking spots or follow your dreams. There will be lots of negativity in whatever one is doing on the path to success. The beauty is to be untouched by those negativity and believe in your self .

Saturday, June 23, 2007


How many doors do you open every day ? and in how many different way ...
I just found that its hilarious , while most of it goes unnoticed or just a way of life.

I leave from my office and there I need to use my access card to open the door. I press a button to open the door of the lift (elevator). I down to the parking lot and the car door gets open with a press of a remote in my hand .. I reach home. I press a passcode to open the door to my Apartment building , and then when I reach my apartment I use the good old key to open the door..
So many doors we open and close every day and in so many different ways.. yet, most of the times we use the right option to open any given door.. Isnt it amazing how our mind is regulated to use the right options at the right time..Its only once, that I used to access card to try to open my apartment door and before I could do it.. i knew I was wrong and started to look for the keys..

I havent mentioned what happens in other scenarios.. like visiting a mall and a door opens as soon as it senses u .. other places a dog barks at u and the onwer automatically opens the door for you ..
small things..
so the next time you reach a door .. think whether its a new way of opening a door that you have encountered.