Saturday, June 23, 2007


How many doors do you open every day ? and in how many different way ...
I just found that its hilarious , while most of it goes unnoticed or just a way of life.

I leave from my office and there I need to use my access card to open the door. I press a button to open the door of the lift (elevator). I down to the parking lot and the car door gets open with a press of a remote in my hand .. I reach home. I press a passcode to open the door to my Apartment building , and then when I reach my apartment I use the good old key to open the door..
So many doors we open and close every day and in so many different ways.. yet, most of the times we use the right option to open any given door.. Isnt it amazing how our mind is regulated to use the right options at the right time..Its only once, that I used to access card to try to open my apartment door and before I could do it.. i knew I was wrong and started to look for the keys..

I havent mentioned what happens in other scenarios.. like visiting a mall and a door opens as soon as it senses u .. other places a dog barks at u and the onwer automatically opens the door for you ..
small things..
so the next time you reach a door .. think whether its a new way of opening a door that you have encountered.