Tuesday, June 26, 2007

News or Politics?

With the ever increasing number of news channels , there is a dearth of news and every thing becomes a news which wouldnt have been even entitled a middle page in the earlier days ..

Today I saw one news channel beaming news of the upcoming President of India, Pratibha Patil.
I guess this channel or who ever wanted it to be, wanted some spicy news against this candidate.
They found a very old video in which she had visited the Brahmakumaris Headquaters in Mt Abu and she spoke of her experiences out there when she was the Governor of Rajasthan. Its quite remarkable that not a sound was raised when this event actually occured and only now, when she is contesting for the election all the so called stale news has got freshened.

The news channel also has some weird news
here is what they quote in the first few lines of the report

"It's said that superstition ends where science begins. But Rashtrapati Bhawan seems to be bracing for a reversal. For five years, scientist APJ Abdul Kalam whispered a vocabulary of science in the hearts and minds of a nation. "

Little did the reporter of this article know that the current President has very great respect for this Organisation. The official website of The President of India has articles on his visit to the headquaters and how science and sprituality has to go hand in hand for the betterment of people and society as a whole .

If one just searches for words "Kalam Brahmakumaris" one can find a bunch of links which shows one of finest Scientist of India and also the President of India has tremendous faith in this organisation.

The dearth of quality news and TRP ratings has really made our current news reporters portray anything , even with regard to our current president ..

Is this the reason that our freedom fighters gave us freedom and enjoy freedom..? Is this really what Bhagat Singh and Gandhiji gave their lives so that we could enjoy a free nation ..
Do we really deserve what these great leaders gave us for FREE ?


HEMA VEMA said...

u hav valid point.. the media hype is too much.

There was report when the UPA Presidential candidate was announced mrs. Patil was in Mt. Abu. Now the same media shows an old Video!!!! is there anyone to clarify??

Anbu said...

Of course this channel which aired the news was once monopoly, now lots of competitors hence its rating/viewership is badly down, also the competitors gave some real sensational news, this Channel is attempting to create sensation by airing some unreal junk/stale news. Just for the sake of creating sensation these dirty technques are used by Media nowadays.