Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Last weekend ....

Weekend of sorts , I must say. Just recovering from the fact the once upon a time a bunch of people decided to block the blogs and then realised that it is too much of a stupidity. I did and finished quite a bit of my shopping for my trip back home. It was fast and quick shopping I must say. I still need to pick up some chocolates though. I still have two weekend for that, just hope it doesn’t rain then.

Today my beloved friend , Sudhir or rather $udhir as he likes it, is getting engaged, while I am typing this. But I am sure that engagement ceremony wouldn’t have been as interesting to see than the carnival that I saw today as the part of the Galway Arts festival. It was really nice and colourful. Will put some pics as soon as possible. Later on reaching home, I got a call from Manmeet and he had conferenced in Vijey too. It was nice to talk after a long time. For the threesomes who has spend 4 years of their life sharing the First Bench in class during the Engineering, it was a nice substitute. Vijey is just doing the final touches for his new house, and I guess a stepping stone towards getting married.[ I m sure that I m going to get killed the next time he meets me,incase he reads this] I was a nice conversation and has filled in enough energy in me . Thanks Manmeet.

Another week starts tomorrow! Every passing day takes me closer to the idlis and dosas that I am missing out here.

Friday, July 21, 2006

Honorary doctorate for Amitabh


It was nice to read this article , but I dont know why Amar Singh has to attend all these
functions. Why doesnt he do the MP work what he is assigned to..

Here is the full story

London: Bollywood megastar Amitabh Bachchan was conferred an honorary doctorate by De Montfort University at Leicester on Thursday for his contribution to the movie business in India.

Receiving the honorary degree of Doctorate of Arts, he said, "This is a very humbling experience. It is an honour for the Indian film industry."

According to a university spokesperson: "Our graduation ceremonies are the highlight of the academic year, when we celebrate the success of our graduates. An important part of this is the awarding of honorary degrees to individuals who have achieved distinction in their fields and who will provide inspiration to our graduates and students.

"Amitabh Bachchan is a well-known figure in the creative industry and his energy and professionalism will be an inspiration to our graduates and students across the board, and especially to those wishing to pursue careers in this sector."

The university earlier conferred an honorary degree on the former South African President Nelson Mandela for his charity work.

After the ceremony, Mr. Bachchan met the Asian diaspora. He was accompanied by Amar Singh, Samajwadi Party MP; and Keith Vaz, MP, Leicester East.

At the Walker stadium, a No. 9 T-shirt of the Leicester City Football Club was presented to Mr. Bachchan. — UNI

Sunday, July 09, 2006

Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Last Weekend


Today was quite an eventful atleast from the point of World Cup Football. Two of the favourites , England and Brazil lost again Portugal and France resp. For some reason , after seeing the England-Portugal Match felt that it is France which is going to win. I feel the reason for Brazil to lose was more of over confidence than anything else.

In the morning we had been to Connemara, a near by place. It is a really beautiful place, with lovely mountains and landscapes all around. But the rain played a spoil sport. And being cloudy I really couldn’t get the best of my snaps L

Last weekend was quite interesting. Air Show at the Salthill was very impressive. I really enjoyed the whole show. Apart from that we also spent some time at the casino , and it was fun spending a few Euros , only to know that one is going to lose them

Off late its being raining quite on and off over the weekdays and weekend also . Cant really trust the weather at all. Tomorrow we are planning for a short trip on cycle around the city . I just pray and hope that the weather is good …

On Wednesday we had a team outing for the celebrations for the last Release. It was a nice Ice breaking opportunity for me more than any thing else.


Today’s hot news was that Beckam resigned from his captaincy . Not sure what will happen to his football career. I guess its come to an end, that’s what I think. Andre Agassi also called it a day from the Wimbledon after losing in the third round. He was once the center court leader..

I had been for a nice long cycle ride in the afternoon.Had been towards the beach side. Then came home tired and enjoyed the F1 in Indianapolis, in which Shumi won convincingly. It was disastrous start as 7 cars crashed as soon as the race started and then 2 later. In the end it was only 9 cars in the race with Ferrari clinching the first two places.

2 min is all it takes

to decide whether you will be in the finals or not. Thats what happened in yesterday's match.
The last two min of the extra time got 2 goals for Italy . If Germans had managed to get away with those two minutes, history has it that Germany never lost a match on Penalty shootout and Italy has always lost..

Well now the fact is , Germany is out of the Game and Italy are in the Finals.. What a match !!!