Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Last weekend ....

Weekend of sorts , I must say. Just recovering from the fact the once upon a time a bunch of people decided to block the blogs and then realised that it is too much of a stupidity. I did and finished quite a bit of my shopping for my trip back home. It was fast and quick shopping I must say. I still need to pick up some chocolates though. I still have two weekend for that, just hope it doesn’t rain then.

Today my beloved friend , Sudhir or rather $udhir as he likes it, is getting engaged, while I am typing this. But I am sure that engagement ceremony wouldn’t have been as interesting to see than the carnival that I saw today as the part of the Galway Arts festival. It was really nice and colourful. Will put some pics as soon as possible. Later on reaching home, I got a call from Manmeet and he had conferenced in Vijey too. It was nice to talk after a long time. For the threesomes who has spend 4 years of their life sharing the First Bench in class during the Engineering, it was a nice substitute. Vijey is just doing the final touches for his new house, and I guess a stepping stone towards getting married.[ I m sure that I m going to get killed the next time he meets me,incase he reads this] I was a nice conversation and has filled in enough energy in me . Thanks Manmeet.

Another week starts tomorrow! Every passing day takes me closer to the idlis and dosas that I am missing out here.