Sunday, December 23, 2018

Rex Movie Theatre Closing Down

It wasn't a great news to start the Sunday. The iconic Rex Theatre was finally being shutdown so that a new mall and multiplex screen's can be built. That is the trend in Bangalore these days, with the single screen theatre's shutting down and new multiplexes come up in its place.

Lido, Galaxy, Plaza  all of these theatres were the ones which we used to frequent. But I think we had most of the memories with Rex theatre.

I do remember once, we had asked our close friend to buy the tickets of the movie 'The Bachelor', and all of us ( around 5 of us) went and sat for the movie to start. When the trailers started, one of them was of 'The Bachelor' and that's when we looked at each other figuring out what really happened. No had seen the posters outside and it turned out to be another movie 'The message in a bottle' . We gave a stern look at Pravin, who had booked the tickets :) . Thankfully this movie, 'The message in the bottle' wasn't bad and the memory of this incident is still fresh in our minds even after 17 years or so :)

One of our dear friend had got a job of a manager at the Domino's there. It was fun those days, and we used to get brownies from him, once in a while. He had learnt to prepare them and had got it for us :)

There was even an incident, when we as a group planned for a movie. When I landed there, I realised that my ticket was not booked. So I booked another one, but couldn't get a seat adjacent to them.. and ended up sitting in another part of the theatre, all by myself. Thats another incident that I can't seem to forget :)

There are innumerable movies we have seen in that theatre, the last one probably around couple of years back. It was still a good experience watching there, and cost of the tickets, being quite less than the regular multiplexes.

Its indeed sad that an iconic movie theatre is going to bite the dust, but is probably part of life and economics of trade.