Thursday, October 18, 2018

Air Pollution and many other things !!

While reading an article today, it appears that the amount of air pollution in cities like Delhi or Mumbai or for that matter Bangalore, translates to smoking 7 cigarettes a day. The analysis was done by one of the Hospitals in Delhi, where they found that earlier the patients having cancer was more proportional to the smoking habits. So in essence, out of 8 cancer patients, it was almost 7 who were smokers and 1 non-smoker.
Today, as we speak the ratio has been changed to 1:1. To add further, the age during which cancer would normally trigger earlier was around 20-25 years once a person would start smoking. So the average age, in the yester years was around 40-55 . It has now changed to 20-25 years of age. It kind of attributes to the fact that, due to the amount of air pollution today, a new born baby starts smoking from day 1. Thats when the counter starts. Its kind of shocking to get these stats.

Off late, I have been hearing of more people been attacked by Cancer and though the medical science has improved, the pain of dealing with this disease and the cost associated, is something, we all want to be away from.

So, what do we do ?? Our Bit ??

Yes, we see the hundreds of campaigns against the use of plastic, and there is definitely a sense of awareness and small but steady steps being taken by everyone to reduce the plastic consumption.
We do see most of the shops stopped giving Plastic Bags and most of us, do carry the cloth bags as we would do, 20-25 years ago :) . Plastic straws have reduced and only in some places the paper alternatives are available.

But what can we do about the Air Pollution ?
Factories are one of the major pollutants and Vehicle emissions comes again at a higher rank. What we all have in our hands in what we can control. Government is doing its bit, but not enough at the moment.

A few steps which I feel can be taken at an individual level -

  • Reduce the Number of times, you use your vehicle, either your car or the bike. I try and completely avoid going out on weekends. Its a rest day to your car and less carbon footprint. I just go walking or take the cycle out.
  • Try to look for alternatives like cycles. There are many available today as rentals, use them and enjoy the weather and get fit too
  • Get into car pooling. I have been regularly using the Quick Ride App past few months and its a small step to reduce the vehicles on the road. Meeting new people is an added advantage and your traffic blues are never the same. Links are as follows - Android: iOS: Promo code JNS24
  • Get your Vehicle serviced properly and make sure there is minimum emissions. 
  • If you are having an Air Conditioner at home, again, reduce its usage. Reducing it has multiple positive impacts. The air conditioner, though it gives you a cooling inside, there is additional heat generated outside, which further leads to warming, and hence others will slowly buy air conditioners. Its a chain reaction. Try and keep it to a minimum. 
  • Using air conditioners also leads to higher Electricity consumption. Which means more power needs to be generated and which also leads to further global warming. 
  • Usage of Electronic Gadgets -- Lesser said the better. Though you would be reading this article on a electronic gadget, it needs power to fire it up. Everyone using each of this device needs huge power generation , leading to global warming again and air pollution.
  • Switch off your Mobile Chargers. Just keeping them plugged in with the switch on, leads to small but huge, if we calculate every home ends up doing it. 
And lastly enjoy your festivals nicely. No need to over do, but light up your home with lights for Diwali and Christmas or a Id. It will use a bit more power, but there are exceptions and we need to do to keep ourselves happy and content. Light a couple of fireworks, its okay. Just don't give scares to the elderly and small kids by blowing up noise making bombs. There was a reason the fireworks were made and they were to keep away the insects which would come during the winters and also to get a bit of warmth. The intention was always good, but over doing and abuse of everything is what leads to harmful environmental issues.

Enjoy your life and keep yourself happy, not just for showing to others.