Thursday, September 07, 2017

Small Apps

Its really been sometime, since I visited this blog and wrote an article. Facing a weird problem. The articles which I plan to write, after opening the laptop, I am just not able to remind myself. And then finally I give up and dont do anything. Today, I thought I will just try to run through my whole day and see if I can recollect. Not that I could recollect anything, but just thought to update something I did so that I do remember.

One of the things which I was planning to do was to create a small program or an excel sheet, which can compute the amount of EMI which are pending based on the total amount payable. I knew it would be simple, but I have been putting it off for a long time.

I sat with the excel for around 20 min and I was able to get whatever I needed from that small app. It gave me the insights which I was looking for and make more informed decisions on my repayments to the bank.

The point is, that, when many things are in your mind, one does tend to forget and all the clutter only makes life more miserable.

So, point to be noted is that, as soon as something comes up in the mind, get to it and take it to closure. Reduce the lists. Rather focus on completion.