Friday, September 08, 2017

Gauri Lankesh

We have been getting Lankesh Patrika at home since a very long time, and the paper for those times, ie when we were still kids was quite a brave one. They would expose politicians and actors and off course the killers etc. They were the Crime Patrol or Savdhan India of those days, if I am not wrong.

To be frank, though I had heard a lot of Lankesh ie, the Father of Gauri, in so many years being in Bangalore also, I hardly heard of Gauri. Only some news here and there , but nothing serious. 
I am not sure, what she was working on, but given the lineage I do feel she would be doing a good job as a Journalist 

Whatever the reasons be, that she was killed , it must have been some serious news which she had and hence the result. Cant be anything else for sure. But what I really didnt understand was, why State Honours for her ?
I am just not able to explain that to myself. Just a journalist being killed, so she should be given state honours..Just dont get it ..