Sunday, July 30, 2017

Comfort Zone

How does one define comfort zone ? Various definitions, but all that I can say, is , something someone is most aligned, however inconvenient it might feel to others.
I know, its a bit difficult to others to gauge what I am really intending to say.

Some examples might be helpful and here they are...

One of my friend, loves to take pictures and kind of one of those wild life photographers. But knowing that this field doesnt really give you the returns that one need for that expensive hobby , still chose to thread that path. Its more of a personal choice. There are many issues, but going back to a full time job, he choses to do. There is no security, but maybe security might not even be a requirement for such people. All that need is that adventure. Are their parents happy ? Not very. But content that their child is doing what he likes.

These kind of decisions are very diffcult for me take. I guess its person to person. Some people think of them first and some of their near and dear ones first. Not all the work gives all the satisfaction one needs. There are pluses and minuses every where. Somewhere in the middle, one needs to take a call and thread that line. Not easy at all. But nevertheless needs to be taken. And mind you, not everyone will be happy with a decision one takes. But at the same time, one doesnt live to make others happy. One only lives to make happy those lives, which matter to him/her.

I do have a different view of such people. Like their attitude of doing something they like and not repent later in life. But then the things, which one failed to do, will they not haunt you later in life ? Something of the other, will definitely make you feel bad. Its only what you can take in your stride that one needs to do. Nothing else...