Sunday, May 07, 2017

Personal Gadgets

So, how many gadgets do you carry with your every day ?

  1. The Ubiquitous Smart Phone
  2. The Laptop/Tablet( Dont see the tablets much these days..)
  3. The Power Bank
  4. The Health Bands( which measures all the heart beats , sleep and what not)

These are the few normally everyone carries on themselves every single day. 

Then to add to these, we have the corresponding chargers to charge them all. So, all around your table or the side table around your bed, you will see, a series of these charges going all over the place. 

If the TV or the Wi-Fi Router is also in the same place, then god save you. 

Then came a time, I was frustrated to see all the wires around and I really didnt want more of them. Just for the phone and the laptop seemed okay to me, as they are the important gadgets which I use and consider them to be useful for me.

One fine day, on my birthday, my dear wife, gave me a present, which was a nice watch. It was of Titan Juxt series. I used them for a couple of days, and found the features to be good. I am a person, who still likes to wear wrist watches and that too of analog types. Am not a fan of the digital watches.

So, for using these, the first thing I had to do was,  charge  the watch. Another Charger and more importantly another device to be charged. The very thought of that kind of put me off. I used the watch for a couple of days. Yes, I could see my whatsapp messages on it, connected to my phone via bluetooth. But didn't make much sense as I could see it on my mobile also which was anyways, with me. Then it also acts like a pedometer and calculates the steps which I traverse. Again the Google Fit app, also does something similar, but then I dont carry the phone all over the place, but the watch is with me, most of the time. 
But do I really need that accuracy ? Not really..

So, in just a couple of days of using the nice watch, I returned it and got myself a nice Xylys watch. It was a nice and elegant swiss watch, and I think I was just feeling better to wear something, which didnt get in touch with your skin to calculate the different statistics of my body. No, I dont want something like that to be on my body 24 hours.

Probably I am still the old fashioned guy, but I must admit, I like it that way.

The gadgets are great, but I feel, one should know the limits as to how much one should be dependent on that, and how many of them, one  should wear on my body.