Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Nokia Phone 3310

Nokia has recently announced that, its planning to come out with one of its best sellers ie Nokia 3310.
It was one of their best phones and I completely agree with it. Though my first phone was Nokia 5110, a huge phone, I never used a 3310. But yes, it was a brilliant piece. The question, which I was wondering today, during my drive back home, was, will I like to buy that phone, assuming its value for money...
Well, the answer is probably No.

If you ask me, which phone of Nokia, I would like to have back, then clearly it would be Nokia 6610.
I think, it was one of the classy phone and very very elegant looking one.

So my feedback to Nokia would be 6610

Any comments ? Any favourite mobile of yours which you want back..Hope its not Moto Razr :)