Sunday, March 12, 2017

Rahul to Canvas for Karnataka Elections

After gaining the expertise in canvassing for UP Elections and the not so recent 2014 Parliamentary Elections, Rahul has Indeed become a seasoned Election Campaigner.  And time and again, its proven that whenever he actively participates in the Election Campaign, it has given positive results for them.

Keeping this in mind and also the elections coming in Karnataka, the next year, they would definitely want Rahul to campaign aggressively in Karnataka . After all, Its the largest state which has Congress Rule. So things can’t be taken lightly especially here.

But at the same time, its been constantly observed that, whichever Government Rules in Karnataka in the past few elections, its always the other party which rules at the Centre. So, somewhere its a bone of contention, whether a win in Karnataka is good or not.

But then, this time the party in question has to win Karnataka, and that too by Majority, and going by the things which have turned, in the past 5 years, its not something which is difficult.

Hence, the BJP Senior Leadership has done all the arrangements and financing for Rahul to do complete campaigning in Karnataka and they have without doubts agree, that, if Rahul Campaigns, BJP can never lose. He is their real TRUMP card after all.

PS: Please note, this article is purely a Satire and meant for entertainment purpose only.