Friday, January 02, 2015


At the onset of this new year , I would like to wish the readers a very happy new year.

Thankfully for me, it started off on a very positive note. After a short new year eve party in my apartment complex, I had to head to the Passport Seva Kendra in the morning. And probably for the first time , I have seen Bangalore, with such heavy rains in the morning, It was very heavy, quite comparable to that in coastal side. I simply loved the drive on the new year eve, with mostly empty roads and the perfect amalgamation of cloudy and rains weather.

What followed in the PSK office, made me think that, this year will be a much positive one -
Though I was the 2nd person to reach the PSK office, when the door was finally opened, the others rushed inside to the counter to check for the documents. I did see one counter, which no one had queued up. I reluctantly went there and stood first in the line. Within a couple of minutes the person came at my counter and there was none at the other counters :) I had won my first battle. Due to this I was the first person to enter inside and everything was a breeze, and within 45 minutes everything was done and I was on my way out.

I just liked the way the new year panned for me. It just gives you a hope that, the rest of the year will be equally promising if not more.

Later in the evening, I met a friend and I would say, it was a great evening. It was a merger of the new with the old. Going through the by-lanes of Sadashivnagar, everything was so nostalgic.

Hoping to see the same positivity for the rest of the year....

One picture taken in the morning - During the rains - Not a great one, but good enough for me to remember this day.

And to sum up, I am only trying to follow the message in the 2nd picture. Hence starting the new year with a good note.

Happy New Year to everyone.