Sunday, January 11, 2015

10 of My Favorite Books

A long standing Facebook request - to document 10 of the favorite books which I have read -
So, here it it... though not in any given order, purely random as I tried to recollect from my memory.

  1. Outliers : The Story of Success - Malcolm Gladwell
  2. Iacocca : An Autobiography by Lee Iacocca
  3. The Toyota Way : Jeffrey Liker
  4. Five Point Someone - Chetan Bhagat
  5. Gods ,Kings and Slaves : The Siege of Madurai - R-Venkatesh
  6. Chanakya's Chant - Ashwin Sanghi
  7. Kane and Abel - Jeffrey Archer
  8. I am another you - Priya Kumar
  9. Life Is What You Make It - Preeti Shenoy
  10. The Professional - Subroto Bagchi

I might down the road - Keep adding, to this same list and the same blog, so that I also keep remembering the good books which I have read.