Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Its 14 years ....

Landed on this fateful day, 14 years back. What a journey has this been. Even if I want to go back to the different segments of this journey.. its not doing much of a justice. But then, what did I earn in this.I guess a lot. Lots of friends, and that would be on top of the list.

Never ever thought that the first place I will land after my studies, will be the place, I will spend so much of time.
From the days when the chill was unbearable to the days, when Air conditioning is mandatory, have met tons of people. Many came and many went, while a few who where there then and are still present, can only be counted on fingers. Guess, name , fame and money changes a lot of variables in this world. And then there are those, for whom name and fame never mattered.
From the days of my native FM10 from the college days to the highly technically sound DSLR's, my photography had gradually declined over the years, the peaks only remaining during the onsite trips. But thankfully, things have changed over the past few weeks and hopefully the change for the good will remain for long time.

From the single bed PG at Sadashivnagar to the comfortable apartment, the peaceful life that we lived in then to the unsettling life today, though the earning has increased many a fold, I still yearn for the life then.

The short night walks to the nearby telephone booth was the time that I still cherish. The cold did make us think twice before we left our homes, but the warmth still has a soothing feeling even till date.

Why do we crave for the days which are gone behind. Why are the older days always so good. I know the reason but never got the answer.