Thursday, November 14, 2013

The little discussion

It just started as a little discussion between both of us at office today. Just after winding up for the day, Sid came over to have the little chit-chat that we normally have around photography.
And then within a few clicks, we moved from Lightroom to LightZone to everything in photography that we could possibly talk about. Not to mention about the never ending debates between Canon and Nikon. Neither lost,but we both won.

Its so mesmerizing to know that, there are so many common traits that we all have and discussion just helps to bring them out. From blogging to photography to bike rides... guess most of us have these as a common hobbies. Its just a matter of bringing them to a slightly regularised manner.

Plans of creating new photo contests, trying some wedding photography, were all on the cards. Just a matter of implementation. And its not too far away....