Monday, November 11, 2013

Eventful weekend

This weekend can be called as a very eventful weekend. Though I can't say that I could get anything productive this weekend, but the sense of achievement for the things completed was immense.
The Saturday morning started with a doze of cricket, which was very very refreshing after so many years.
The rest of Saturday went in trying to complete the tasks which I had planned to, but nothing went my way.It was the evening which was very enriching.I started off my guitar classes.indeed something new in my life. It was a real recharging session.And all that I know is that I need to learn it properly and should be able to play a few songs at the end of the day.
The Sunday was even different.The landmark quiz was scheduled and the major part of the day was allocated for this.The questions were indeed very very tough and challenging.What more satisfying in doing an activity which you are involved as well as an audience.
Finally a weekend spent well.