Saturday, November 16, 2013

15th November 2013

Though I know that the time stamp would appear on the blog, it was necessary to have that as the subject. Its a day, I probably will not forget for a long time.
Though the day was meant to be for Sachin and only him, after his innings ended, I actually forgot even to check the score of the match. The end of Sachin, actually meant the end of the match for me. Never thought that, I would have this trait too.

Nevertheless, moving further in the day, which made the day even more eventful, was the meeting of some close friends. Some gifts, and not to mention a feel good factor.

The evening was allocated to the Guitar class, and I must say that trying to play the guitar can be painful to the fingers. The finesse with which the teacher played some lovely songs, only motivated me to learn the musical instrument only faster. Yes, I would want to play the instrument seamlessly and play well. Thats my wish and I would want to prove to myself that I can do it.

What I hadnt planned and expected was what was to follow. My visit to the ashram. It had been a very long time that I went there and did meditation. But today, I did visit there and felt I was always there and meant to be there. Felt so much at home and cool mind. The feeling as if I didnt visit home for a long time was actually persistent. And what followed in the drive back home, was not the radio, but the meditation songs.
Blissful and beautiful.
What a day ..